The primary mission of the proposed GAI is to provide graduate students with a dynamic contemporary learning environment that inspires intellectual, creative and professional excellence and innovation in Fine Arts while honouring tradition, through international standards. Also to provide professional graduates with short term education programs to chart the rise of right-brain thinking in modern economies with the six (Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning ) abilities students / individuals must master in an outsourced, automated age in their chosen fields through market-driven international curricula.

Advance the practice and appreciation of the Fine Arts through leadership in teaching and research, for the 21st Millennium and to become Kerala’s FIRST wholly Self Financed Post Graduate Art Institute and India’s leader in career-focused, creative education!

Core Values
To Become Teaching Intensive:
To provide an international academic and artistic training experience, this will be Vigorous, Comprehensive, and Rigorous.
To Uphold Human Expression:
Human expression is the result of Imagination, Innovation, Curiosity and Originality, which will be the central to the foundation of all GAI Fine Arts programs through Short Term Post- Graduate Diplomas in the first phase, 2012-2015.

In the second phase, 2015-16 academic year, GAI will be introducing the first and most influential, wholly postgraduate courses, through continuous research and innovation by developing a distinctive role in preparing its postgraduate students for careers in art.

GAI Post- Graduate courses will be taught by internationally renowned artists, practitioners and theorists, and students will get unique opportunities to study fine arts in a design environment.

GAI will develop its own concentrated; student focused and customized forms of teaching and learning. And will develop dedicated technical facilities and research centres that will contribute to an exceptional creative and intellectual environment.

To Endorse Analytical and Conceptual Thinking:
GAI programs will approach problem solving with analytical and conceptual thinking as well as identifying creative opportunities that develop an aesthetic sensibility, in each student.

GAI Evolution
The evolutionary nature of development of a GAI student as an Artist, Scholar and Educator anticipates evidence of growth and achievements in the development of undergraduate students’ preparation for advanced study and the transitioning of the graduate student into the professional arena. Furthermore, the continuous maturation and achievements of all faculty and staff in the Gowri Art Institute (GAI) to the creation of an environment conducive to intellectual and artistic pursuits will be fundamental.

GAI Objective
Each Gowri Art Institute (GAI) student is expected to attain a body of theoretical and practical knowledge appropriate to their degree objective in their chosen field. This proficiency will be demonstrated through a measurable student-learning outcomes specified in the outline of each course of each program. In GAI programs, students are not only learned and expected to demonstrate an understanding of specific courses but also to develop critical and analytical learning skills together with educational values that contribute to lifelong learning.

GAI Programs

GAI PG Diploma in Fine Arts
To earn a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts degree in Fine Arts at GAI, students must complete a designed Course Program in a 50:50, Seminars and Workshop, ratio, at a desirable scoring.

First Semester:

Four Workshops: These workshops will provide group instruction and critiques in the students’ area of concentration and capacity. It will be structured to refine skills and artistic development; workshops will pay as much attention to technical mastery as to experimentation and individual imagination.

Two Seminars:The seminars will focus on fundamental art theories, crucial to the evolution of contemporary viewpoints.

Second Semester:

Three Workshops:  These workshops will provide group instruction and critiques in the students’ area of concentration and capacity. It will be structured to refine skills and artistic development; workshops will pay as much attention to technical mastery as to experimentation and individual imagination.

Two Seminars: The second semester will concentrate on the critique of student work, using critical and historical criteria.

One Special Project
At the end of each semester, GAI PGDFA students will meet with instructors for a special discussion and review of student work. The work, chosen by students and exhibited in their studios, should reflect significant artistic developments and accomplishments. At the end of the second semester, instructors conduct a thorough review of graduating students’ special projects.


  • Interaction with local people.
  • The residency ends with an open studio or exhibition if artists wish so it can be arranged.
  • Residency season: Year-round.
  • Average length of residency: 3 months.
  • Maximum number of artists at one time: 4+
  • Accommodation: Studio cum bed, toilet combined facility, and common kitchen facilities.


This is an artist-led space; no stipends or fellowships are available for the time being.
Selection is made by Director on the basis of your CV and images/profile on internet.


There is a fee for the stay and the courses. Charges are subject to change, please verify current charges with us. Other expenses to be borne by the artists.

Contact via email or phone for further details on this.

Sajitha Shankar (Director)

Gowry Art Institute
26 Kallar Post, Vithura via, Ponmudi Road, 
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695551


Phone: +91 8547875253